Partnership Ideas Wanted. We are seeking proposals for anyone seeking to be part of a profit sharing program. We have several successful Partnerships and are seeking to share new horizons and income. PleSe contact us with ideas or come hear about what we can offer you!

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Private Process Servers who serve Court Documents, Demands and Notifications

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We are seeking professional people who have the ability to direct process serving and or private investigation business to our office. If you are the decision maker or have direct access to a decision maker (s) and can offer us business, we can be a great partner with you. The partnerships we seek are unique and what we offer in return is entirely up to you. We can offer commissions, per transaction payments, bartering or donating funds to a charity of your choice. All partnerships are handled in strict confidence and are kept entirely seperate from the business you direct to us. Lets explore what you can offer us and lets discuss what we will offer you. This unique partnership opportunity has no boundries, no rules and is completely open with respect to how we would structure our partnership participation. We assure all partnerships will be a win-win for both of us and within the scope of all applicable Laws.